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Application cases

A power company's power plant fails, and the motor operation control system of the generator set needs to be replaced.

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The harsh environment of the power plant of the power company requires high anti-interference ability of the equipment.


The generator set needs to start and stop frequently, and the frequency converter needs to have the ability to start with high load.


Due to the characteristics of the generator itself and the problem of reactive power compensation, it is necessary to precisely control the motor, and the control accuracy is relatively high.


HBDTECH brand inverters are used:


The power plant chose HBDTECH brand frequency converter as its motor control system, its model is 550-0220G3. This inverter adopts triple protection technology, which can effectively prevent problems such as interference and overcurrent, and the main board shell material is strong and has the advantage of corrosion resistance, which can adapt to work under harsh conditions. At the same time, this inverter also has the characteristics of high-efficiency and stable inverter, solid SGR explosion-proof design and complete KUKA fast reflection antenna technology, which can also meet the requirements in terms of motor starting and control accuracy.


After installation, the operator of the power plant reported that the frequency converter has a fast start-stop speed, stable use, high control precision, and can operate normally in a humid environment, achieving the expected effect.

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