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Application case of frequency converter: engineering machinery

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HBDTECH frequency converter model 550 series is a high-performance AC frequency converter, suitable for speed control of engineering machinery. It has the following features:

Sensorless vector control, improve the response speed and output torque of the motor.

l  PID closed-loop control, ensure the stable operation of the mixing drum.

l  Multi-stage speed control, improve the quality and production efficiency of concrete.

l  Soft start/stop, avoid impact and damage of motor and mechanical.

l  Energy-saving control, reduce energy consumption and operation cost.

l  Fault protection, real-time monitor the working status of frequency converter and motor, and alarm or stop in case of abnormality.

Below we take concrete mixer as an example to introduce the application scheme of HBDTECH frequency converter model 550 series.

Concrete mixer is a device that mixes cement, sand and other materials into concrete. It consists of hopper, mixing drum, transmission device and other parts. The mixing drum is the core component, which consists of a cylindrical body with blades and a gearbox driven by an AC motor. The mixing drum rotates at a certain speed under the drive of the motor, making the materials mix in the drum.

Concrete mixer in the working process, need to adjust the speed of the mixing drum according to different stages and different material characteristics. If using conventional power supply, the speed of the mixing drum will be fixed, can not meet the work requirements, but also cause energy waste. Therefore, using frequency converter to control the speed of the motor can realize stepless speed regulation of the mixing drum.

HBDTECH frequency converter model 550 series can control the speed of the mixing drum according to the work requirements of concrete mixer, through built-in PID controller or external signal input. The specific connection mode is shown in the following figure:

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