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HBDTECH and NEW WEST TECHNOLOGIES signed cooperation agreement

Times:2019-11-07    Views:3454


HBDTECH and NEW WEST TECHNOLOGIES signed the agreement. It is reported that NEW WEST TECHNOLOGIES will become a strategic partner of HBDTECH.

This cooperation will give full play to the advantages of NEW WEST TECHNOLOGIES’s channels and platforms in the local market and the complete production chain of HBDTECH in the field of inverters and photovoltaic products, thus achieving win-win cooperation.

NEW WEST TECHNOLOGIES is a Pakistani company that is a wholesale distributor of industrial automation equipment, frequency converters, solar panels, inverters, other photovoltaic components and complete solar systems. With its rapidly growing market share, it has become a well-known distributor in Pakistan in recent years.


As the second largest export market for HBDTECH, Pakistan is very important to our company. A strong alliance with NEW WEST TECHNOLOGIES will leverage the competitive and brand advantages of the two companies in the industrial automation and photovoltaic industries. HBDTECH will provide its customers with more competitive inverters and photovoltaic products in their own factories.


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