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Inverter industry future development potential

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The development trend of the technology of frequency converter through research and application practice of about thirty years, with the development and application of new power electronic devices and high performance microprocessor and control technology, the performance to price ratio is more and more high frequency converter, the volume is more and more small, and manufacturers are still continues to improve the reliability of the inverter to achieve further small lightweight, high performance and multiple functions and harmless and doing new efforts.

Since the promulgation of the 12th Five Year Plan, energy saving and emission reduction has become the key of each industry development. Benefit from the energy-saving emission reduction, green environmental protection and other strategy forward, frequency converter as an important equipment of frequency conversion in the field, the development potential is worth looking forward to the future.

During the 12th Five Year Plan period, China is in the industrialization, city of speeding up the development stage, the problem of energy shortage and the fragile ecological environment will be further intensified, for the realization of the Twelfth Five Year Plan "program" to determine the unit GDP energy consumption reduced, the total discharge of major pollutants reduced constraint index, must continue to enhance China's energy saving and environmental protection technology and equipment and services the level of industry, providing solid support for large-scale energy-saving emission reduction, vigorously develop the circular economy, is the inevitable choice to adjust the economic structure in China, the transformation of the development pattern.
The development course of recall motor speed control, frequency converter from scratch in china. From DC to AC; control from V/F control to vector; drag from fan, water to drag the lathe 5 rpm; control from the frequency conversion control of injection molding machine to the servo, and the asynchronous servo control, development too fast.
The development of frequency conversion technology in domestic has experienced changes from small scale in twentieth Century 90 from scratch, at the beginning of twenty-first Century production and eleven of five periods of large-scale production. The existing domestic inverter enterprise about more than 300 (including foreign), by the vendors store about 5000 or so, domestic sales in 2012 of about 30000000000 yuan. Domestic low-voltage inverter manufacturers market share of about 28%30% (including Guangdong, Shenzhen accounted for about 70%).
In the domestic market, the rapid rise of a large number of outstanding technology, the rapid development of the excellent enterprises, driven by inverter industry move forward quickly. The two is the development of inverter technology to get. Included with the motor (such as stepper motor, encoder, etc.).
With the development of high speed variable frequency technology and comprehensive utilization, inverter industry in the field of cement, elevators, electricity and other modern and traffic, transportation, electric power, electronics, environmental protection has been an unprecedented development and application, almost all walks of life and the national economy is closely related to frequency converter. In order to promote the industry and product structure adjustment, seek development opportunities, to promote domestic and foreign inverter manufacturing and user, exchanges and cooperation projects, the related enterprises should actively open up new situation.
Informationization and industrialization, urbanization, modernization of agriculture environment provides a huge market and development space for the operation of the frequency converter, the industry forecast demand will be the next five years the inverter technology will multiply, with power electronic power converter technology, microelectronic control as the core to obtain greater development, the development prospect of variable frequency speed control technology the same will be better.
At present, China's huge potential for energy saving and environmental protection industry, stimulate economic growth prospects. By 2015, China's technology is feasible and economic reasonable energy saving potential of more than 4 tons of standard coal, which can drive the upper trillion yuan of investment; the total output value of energy saving service industry may exceed 300000000000 yuan. At present the domestic belt change motor load, with the potential for energy saving at least 180000000 kilowatts, thereby providing a huge market for the application of frequency converter. In recent years, the inverter market in China is maintained 12% ~ 15% growth rate is expected within 5 years, inverter market demand will continue to maintain the growth rate of more than 10%. But 10 years later, the frequency converter will gradually saturated market.
At present the domestic belt change motor load, with the potential for energy saving at least 180000000 kilowatts, thereby providing a huge market for the application of frequency converter. The frequency converter can realize high efficiency and saving electric energy in many industries, raise the level of technology and other advantages, which are bound to promote the wide application of frequency converter in all walks of life.

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