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550 Series Open-Loop Vector Converter

Excellent performance, fully upgraded functions, more complete and more reliable

The 550 series inverter is a high-performance current vector inverter used to control and adjust the speed and torque of three-phase AC asynchronous motors. It adopts high-performance vector control technology, low-frequency and high-torque output, has good dynamic characteristics, super overload capacity, stable and reliable performance, etc.

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1. Excellent torque and speed control performance

The speed control accuracy can reach plus or minus 1rpm at 100% torque. Under sensorless vector control, the torque response is <20ms. Under sensor vector control, the torque response is <5ms;

Suitable for high-speed CNC spindles above 10,000 rpm;

Deceleration stop, excellent performance, fast and accurate stop in 0.1 seconds;

Suitable for precision machine tools, synchronous operation, oil pump calibration and other loads.

Select a new generation of imported IGBT modules, high junction temperature, high power density, high consistency, strong reliability, etc.

Strong braking ability, short-term braking ability can reach 1.1~1.35 times the rated power of the controller:

Can accurately identify the parameters of asynchronous induction motors and achieve high-performance vector control,

Can effectively suppress the rise of bus voltage during deceleration, avoid frequent overvoltage faults, and achieve rapid braking at the same time to meet the requirements of rapid parking, etc.

2. High starting torque characteristics

The 500 inverter can provide 150% starting torque at 0.3Hz (sensorless vector control) and 180% zero speed torque at 0Hz (sensor vector control);

Suitable for occasions with large starting resistance and rapid acceleration and deceleration, such as cranes, mud machines, mixers, gantry planers, injection molding machines, extruders and other loads.

3. Internationally leading speed sensorless vector control algorithm

Speed sensorless vector control can block the rotor and output 150% of the rated torque at 0Hz;

The parameter identification method of independent patent technology can accurately self-learn the parameters of rotating or stationary motors;

Easy to debug, simple to operate, and provide higher control accuracy and response speed;

It can be applied to winding control, load distribution under the same load of multiple motors, etc.

Powerful functions

1. Torque limit to protect machinery

The 500 inverter can provide torque limit. When the torque exceeds the maximum torque that the machine can withstand, the inverter can limit the torque to the set maximum torque to better protect the safety of the equipment under the premise of exerting the maximum efficiency of the machine;

Reliable torque limit (torque limit value 150%)

Applicable to loads such as cranes and extruders

2. No stop at instantaneous stop

This function will not stop the inverter only when there is a momentary power outage. In the case of a momentary power outage or a sudden drop in voltage, the inverter will reduce the output speed, feedback energy through the load, and supplement the voltage drop to maintain the inverter to continue working for a short time;

Applicable to loads such as chemical fiber and textile production. 3. Fast current limiting function

The fast current limiting function can prevent the inverter from frequently giving out overcurrent alarms. When the current exceeds the current protection point, the fast current limiting function can quickly limit the current to the current protection point, thereby protecting the safety of the equipment and avoiding overcurrent alarms caused by sudden load or interference.


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